A Suitable Boy

BBC ONE / iPLAYER  The BBC’s adaptation of A Suitable Boy arrived trailing a mild controversy in its wake: namely, is Andrew Davies, a white Welshman, really the most… well, suitable candidate to adapt Vikram Seth’s epic saga of post-partition India? What Davies does have, of course, is experience in wrestling mammoth historical doorstops onto the screen,Continue reading “A Suitable Boy”

Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm

BBC FOUR / iPLAYER  A Welsh pig and dairy farm may sound like an unlikely rock and roll mecca – or, indeed, a fitting subject for a 90-minute TV tribute. But as this absolute gem of a rock-doc demonstrated, Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire has been the location for some fairly seismic moments in the historyContinue reading “Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm”

Imagine… This House is Full of Music

BBC One / iPLAYER Two years ago, Sheku Kanneh-Mason was performing at a royal wedding in Windsor Castle, watched by a global audience in the hundreds of millions. This summer, he’s playing his cello in the front hallway of his family’s Nottingham home, with occasional interruptions from the Amazon delivery man. Welcome to planet EarthContinue reading “Imagine… This House is Full of Music”

Talking Heads

BBC ONE / iPLAYER While the impetus for remaking Alan Bennett’s classic TV monologues may have been a practical one (they’re easy to film with minimal cast and crew), (re)watching these stories of loneliness and isolation, it’s striking how thematically in tune with the times they are. Which I suppose might be slightly depressing, ifContinue reading “Talking Heads”

The Salisbury Poisonings

The Salisbury Poisonings plays like one of those high-octane crime thrillers where you turn to your other half and say, “Well that would never happen”. Except, of course, it did happen, in March 2018, when Sergei Skripal – a former Russian intelligence officer who had worked as a double agent for the British – and hisContinue reading “The Salisbury Poisonings”